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Sandown beach

The beach at Sandown

Our annual day trip to the Isle of Wight on Saturday went well thanks to the weather, the views, the company and the leaders’ organisation. We gathered at Sandown train station, having travelled there by rail and sea, and walked back to Ryde on the coastal path turning inland after Culver Down to bypass a section and briefly stop at the Bembridge windmill.

Bembridge Point

Bembridge Point

Bembridge Point was our stop for lunch. The tide was high and the sea looked inviting. Several wished they’d brought their swimming costumes with them. After lunch we continued on the coastal path round Bembridge Harbour and crossed a causeway to St Helen’s Duver. An incongruous tall white wall by the shore turned out to be the remains of St Helen’s church, preserved for historical interest.

Sands near Ryde

Sands near Ryde

We were back in Ryde by 5pm where 23 of the 33 of us on the trip stopped for fish and chips before our homeward journey. It was still warm enough for us to sit on the sun deck of the ferry.


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