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Fishbourne circular 10 miles

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Bosham Harbour

Bosham Harbour at low tide

We went to the seaside again today. This time we started from Fishbourne and walked west towards Bosham where we stopped for ice creams. It was low tide. The sea had almost disappeared; no wonder some drivers fail to spot or fail to realise the significance of the sign warning that the road floods at high tide.


Ferry to West Itchenor

After Bosham we headed south on the shore path, over soggy seaweed, to the ferry landing point opposite West Itchenor. It needed two ferry journeys to carry the 23 of us across. Having reached the other side we stopped for lunch. Some had a modest meal of homemade sandwiches; others ate in the pub and were served generous portions. Two had fish and chips and, amazingly, could still walk afterwards.

Dell Quay

Dell Quay with Goodwood stands in distance

Having rounded up everyone, the leaders set off eastwards back to Fishbourne. We stopped at a marina near Birdham Pool for more ice creams before continuing to Dell Quay where we joined a footpath that ran near the shore. By now it was almost high tide so some of our morning route would have been under water. As we walked we caught occasional glimpses of the spire of Chichester Cathedral.


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