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Hindhead circular 10 miles

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This route starts from the NT car park in Hindhead, heads to Grayswood for lunch (6½ miles) then returns to Hindhead by a shorter route. Some footpaths can be very muddy so it’s better in the summer when footpaths are drier.

From the car park head south over the site of the old A3 and follow the byway to Gibbet Hill. Take a FP downhill to Boundless Copse and turn L on road by Boundless Farm. Turn R on FP by Begley Farm and continue on this to join bridleway by Blackhanger Farm. Turn L here and continue on BW. This passes a lake on L; opposite this turn R on FP that goes uphill to Emley Farm. In a short distance take a FP on L over a field and join a FP that passes Cosford House (now the Greensand Way).

Leave the GSW to take a BW on R towards Bowlhead Green. Turn R at a junction and reach Rutton Hill Road. Turn R on this then take next FP on R (track) to Emley Farm. Turn L here and follow FP to a track; turn L then R on minor road (Rutton Hill Road). Turn R on this then L on road towards Brook. In ¼ mile turn R on FP that passes Witley Farm and reaches South Park Farm.

Continue on FP to go under a railway bridge near Grayswood and join the A286 in Grayswood near the village green. Stop for lunch in the Wheatsheaf Inn or picnic in the churchyard or on the green.

Take a (muddy) FP on R just past the pub; it goes downhill over a footbridge and then the railway line. Turn L to Keffolds Farm then turn R with the farm on your R. Continue to Keffolds Copse, past Halcyon House, and to Hurthill Copse. At a junction of footpaths head west and pass the site of the Temple of the Four Winds. Continue west to reach Gibbet Hill. Head for the monument and join the byway just beyond. Turn L and head for the car park.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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