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Bracken, brambles and nettles have taken over from mud as the main nuisance on footpaths (though they are preferable to horseflies). They hide the paths and the signs for them making progress difficult and sometimes painful.

Today our walk took us west along a bridleway on the right-hand side of a hedge, parallel to the Greensand Way to the south of it, by a field near Burgate Hanger. Near Vann Hill this turned left through a gap in the hedge to continue on the left-hand side of the hedge. This deviation and the waymark are difficult to spot so the landowner, a year or two ago, erected signs just beyond the deviation drawing attention to this. Unfortunately, the signs have been almost completely removed; only the central parts remain attached to the posts. Few, if any, would realise the significance of the letters va, er and sp displayed underneath each other. (Private property No Trespassing)

I suspect the signs were torn off by someone who failed to spot the deviation and thought that the landowner was being obstructive. Careful inspection of OS map X 133 shows the bridleway to the left of the field boundary after it joins the GSW. (SU 979387)


Author: gandhr

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