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Rain was not a problem on today’s outing. There were showers, some heavy, but they missed us. The problem was delays on the outward journey. Traffic on the A3 was worse than usual and delayed us about half an hour. An overturned trailer on the M25 caused an even longer jam. Three lanes of the motorway were closed, though the red crosses on the overhead gantries had no effect. Drivers carried on regardless.

While we were in slow-moving traffic on the M25, a lorry on our offside moved too close to the coach and sheered off the door mirror and bent the big arm-like mirror across the windscreen. This delayed us further as both vehicles had to pull over and stop on the non existent hard shoulder (removed to increase traffic flow on the motorway). Lane one was now partially blocked.

When we eventually passed the obstruction we were 1½ hours behind schedule. Bladders had filled and the coach driver needed a statutory break so we stopped at the next service station for 45 minutes. The leaders changed the programme; instead of two walks (10 and 5 miles) there was only one (6 miles).

The rest of the day was uneventful. The coach company sent a replacement coach for our return journey. What will tomorrow bring?


Author: gandhr

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