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Stansted Forest circular 10 miles

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Idsworth Chapel

Idsworth Chapel

This is one of my favourite walks. It was on the programme for me to lead today. I turned up but no one else did so I got round the route in record time. Conditions were good; it was warm and dry with hazy sunshine. What kept people away?

The route starts from the Slip car park next to Stansted Forest near the lodge of Stansted House. Head west along the Monarch’s Way to a wide track on the right opposite the Sussex Border Path on the left. Continue on this to reach a footpath on the right. Take this footpath and then turn left on another footpath that heads to Warren Down; turn left then right to reach a road; turn right on this; take a footpath on the left by houses and head for South Holt Farm. From here take a footpath that passes Old Idsworth Garden and continue uphill to the chapel.

Go downhill from the chapel to meet a road, turn left then right and go under the railway line. Turn left then right to join the Staunton Way to Finchdean. By the pub take a footpath on the left that goes under the railway line; cross a field and turn right on a minor road to reach a track on the left. Follow this for about a mile to a footpath on the right that crosses a field to Forestside.

Cross the road to another footpath in a field that leads to Stansted Forest. Turn left and then right on a bridleway that passes through Wythy Piece. Take a footpath on the left to Lumley Seat. Cross a tarmac drive to a footpath that crosses another field to reach the Monarch’s Way. Turn right on this and walk through Stansted Park to the lodge by the main road and the Slip car park near that. A detour along a bridleway on the left leads past Stansted House to the Pavilion Tearoom which is well worth a visit.

Map: OS X 120


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