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I travelled to and from a walk on Saturday by train. In the carriage on my return journey were four women (probably mid forties) who were refreshing themselves with a bottle of sparkling wine. Their laughter showed it had taken effect. A chap in the seat opposite them had a bottle of beer but no opener. The women offered to help. One produced a pound coin and tried to remove the cap; she was unsuccessful. The others had a go but they too failed. One said she knew several ways to remove a cap without an opener but they all involved teeth. No one was willing to risk their teeth. Eventually they gave up and handed the chap back his bottle.

When I got home I turned to that font of all knowledge, the internet, and looked for a way to open a bottle without a special opener. I found numerous methods. One way is to press the bottle against the fleshy part of one’s forearm and twist. If I tried that I would be likely to core a hole in my arm. Other methods involve the use of a 50p piece, the foldable shelf on the back of train seats, a thick cloth, a cigarette lighter, another bottle with cap in place, and a piece of tightly rolled up paper.

Wanting to be helpful in case of future problems with capped bottles, I found an old bottle opener and put that in my rucksack.


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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