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Coffee stop

We stop for coffee

We had a pleasant day. Our leader took us on a footpath that had recently been reopened after the landowner decided to close it years ago. There were good views from it towards the North Downs.

There were ten on the nine mile walk. We set off from the car park on Church Lane in Witley and headed uphill on the footpath by the side of the road. Opposite a bridleway on the left is a track on the right that until now was fenced off. This is the reinstated Right of Way. This took us past Parsonage Farm and Parsonage House to the newly resurfaced A286. We turned left on a footpath past Rockwoods then turned right on the Greensand Way to meet the A286 again.

Bowlhead Green

Bowlhead Green

Crossing the main road, noting the new tarmac, we continued on the GSW to Cosford House and then turned left on a footpath that took us to Emley Farm. Several rickety stiles on our route, we were glad to see, had been replaced by kissing gates. We turned left at Emley Farm and reached Rutton Hill Road where we turned left again, then turned left once more on a bridleway that took us to Bowlhead Green.

We headed east on Screw Corner Road and branched right on a footpath that led to Brook across a water-logged field where a group of muddy horses trotted over to inspect us. Brook was our stop for lunch. Two ate in the pub; the rest sat on comfortable benches on the veranda of the Pirrie Hall and ate sandwiches.

After lunch we continued east to Church Lane then took a footpath past Fintry to Brook Lane where we joined the GSW again. We followed this to Witley station, crossed over the railway line, turned left, crossed the A283 and turned right on a footpath by the bridge that led to Sweetwater Pond at Water Lane. Opposite the pond we turned left on a footpath that passed under the railway line and continued to the recreation ground by The Chichester Hall.

We arrived back at the car park at 3pm. This was unfortunate timing because the primary school on Church Lane was about to close. Parents gathered to collect their children. There were so many cars on the narrow road that there was a brief period of gridlock.


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A local group of the Ramblers

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