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Hambledon circular

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There were twelve on today’s five mile walk. (There were 38 on the walk yesterday which started at Puttenham). We met at Hydon’s Ball car park and set off south up the main track, a bridleway, through Hydon Heath. It was a cold and frosty morning with not a cloud in the sky. At the fire hydrants we turned right to head uphill to the top of Hydon’s Ball where we paused to admire the view.

We then headed downhill on the bridleway to a junction of paths by the pumping house where we turned right and walked through an avenue of coppiced trees to reach a field, Fourteen Acre Copse. The footpath across the field led to the church and the Greensand Way. We joined this and headed downhill across another field and reached Hambledon Road. The GSW goes along the road but we turned left on a muddy footpath that led to Beech Hill. We crossed a minor road and took another path that led to Vann Lane where we turned right and headed for the village shop.

At the shop we stopped for refreshment and sat outside in the sunshine. Feeling better after tea and cake from the shop we continued past the shop up the slope to Hambledon Road where we joined the GSW again by the school. We paused at the viewpoint by Cacheu’s bench before continuing along the GSW to Moor Cottage. Here we turned off the GSW and turned right on the bridleway to head for Buss’s Common and crossed this on a footpath that took us past the lake.

Shortly after this we branched right on a footpath that took us across frozen mud and a wooden bridge to reach a golf course. Down a slight slope we turned right on a bridleway that took us past Potter’s Barn and Horsehatches to Hambledon Road. Crossing this diagonally to our right we continued on a bridleway that led through The Tolt to Hydon Heath. Continuing ahead at a crosspath we joined the Octavia Hill Trail which took us back to the car park.

Map: OS X 145, 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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