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Happy New Year.

There was no ice on today’s six mile walk and there was remarkably little mud. It was a cool, grey, damp day with hills hidden by low cloud.

Sixteen of us met by The Percy Arms on the A248 in Chilworth. We set off along the road to join the Downs Link and followed that to Chinthurst Hill where we branched off to climb to the top of the hill—our first hill of the new year. By the time we reached the top most of us were much warmer and less chatty.

After a break on the summit we set off downhill to Chinthurst Lane where we turned left for Wonersh. We then took a footpath on the left, crossed the B2128 and took another footpath that went past Barnett Hill Conference Centre. Near here we joined a bridleway that went east to Derry’s Hill from where we headed to Blackheath. We passed the cricket pitch, walked down the lane then turned right on a minor road that led to Chilworth station.

Most went home after the walk; a few stayed for drinks in the pub. There we met two women who’d missed our walk as they’d arrived late. By chance they met a man in the car park who was getting ready for a walk on his own. He offered to lead them to the top of St Martha’s Hill so, not wishing to have a wasted journey, they accepted. On the top of the hill was a group of ramblers who offered them each a tot of sloe gin.

Tomorrow is the last of our Festival of Winter Walks.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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