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Busbridge circular

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There were more on today’s walk than is usual for a Sunday—twenty-three people turned up for the five mile walk. The route was the one the leader had planned for the summer. However, the tail end of Hurricane Bertha caused such torrential rain that day that no one arrived for her walk.

We met outside Busbridge church and set off past the grave of Gertrude Jekyll, over the B2130 near the school, and turned left on a bridleway towards Munstead Heath. Branching left on a footpath we came to Munstead Heath Road, crossed this near the water tower (now a private residence) and continued on a muddy bridleway. At a junction of bridleways and a footpath we turned right on a less muddy bridleway and came to a road where we turned left and shortly after took a footpath on the right. This was also muddy as was the field after the stile.

Reaching a road we turned right and walked along it to enter the back of Winkworth Arboretum and passed through it on the public footpath to the café where we stopped for coffee.

Setting off after our break we crossed Brighton Road and continued on the bridleway to Juniper Valley and then branched right on a footpath that took us to Salt Lane. We turned right here and then walked along Clock Barn Lane to reach a bridleway on the left that went over Hambledon Road, past Clock Barn Farm and Busbridge Lakes to reach Quartermile Road. Turning right we walked along the pavement to turn left along Hambledon Road and returned to the church.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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