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Marching along a ridge

Marching along a ridge

Thirty-six arrived for today’s seven mile walk (somewhat to the dismay of the leader who had expected fewer). However, all went well; no one fell over, no one got lost and one person who struggled towards the end was kindly given a lift back to the car park by a passing white van man. After the walk eleven of us stopped in the Gomshall Mill for lunch. The advertisement for the amazing pills hung on one of the walls.

Heading for Raikes Farm

Heading for Raikes Farm

We set off from outside the Gomshall Mill and walked along the A25 eastwards to a footpath on the right that went under the railway line. This met a bridleway where we turned left and then branched left on a footpath that went across a field to reach Felday Road. We crossed this and continued on the footpath to reach Raikes Lane opposite Raikes Farm. We took the footpath that led past farm buildings and then turned left on a footpath that led to the church at Abinger Common where we stopped for refreshment.

Multipurpose pills

Multipurpose pills

Fortified by Christmas cake, mince pies, bananas etc, we set off again on a footpath that led south through woodland to Felday Houses near Holmbury St Mary. Reaching the main road (B2126) we turned right and then took a bridleway on the left that went past a car park (Hurtwood cp 9). At a junction with a footpath we turned right and walked past the car park near the Youth Hostel (Hurtwood cp 14). Shortly after this we branched right (NW) on a footpath on the edge of Tenningshook Wood. This came to a junction with another footpath. We turned left here and then right to pass Hoe Farm. At a minor road we turned left and came to a wider road, Pursers Lane. Here we turned right and then took a footpath on the left by Broadfield Road. This took us further along Pursers Lane. At Pursers Lane we turned right and then took a footpath on the left that continued along Wonham Way.

Uphill in the Hurtwood

Uphill in the Hurtwood

At the end of Wonham Way we met the bridleway that we’d taken near the start of the walk. Here we turned left and made our way back to the car park.

Map: OS X 145, 146


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