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Four commons walk

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We were lucky with the weather; it could have been worse. There was rain for about half an hour in the morning so we stopped early for coffee under the shelter of trees. By the time we reached Thursley Common the rain had stopped and clouds had lifted so the ridge of the Hog’s Back was visible.

Our stop for lunch was The White Lion in Milford. The service was quick, the food was good and the atmosphere was pleasant. We ate huge sandwiches and chatted about topics such as the power cut last Thursday evening. Some had been in the dark for three hours, others for four hours.

Sixteen arrived for the walk which started from the car park on Church Lane in Witley. We got round the eight mile route quicker than expected and were out of the car park before parents arrived to collect their children from the nearby primary school.

The route was described briefly on January 14. We headed NW on a footpath towards Mare Hill, then west towards the A286 to join a bridleway on the southern part of Witley Common. This met a bridleway that took us round the southern side of French Hill and past Cosford Mill. We reached the A3 and crossed it by the bridge near Thursley Common. Entering the common we turned left on a bridleway and then turned right on another one that led across the common to Hammer Pond. We stayed on bridleways and, shortly after Forked Pond, turned right to enter Rodborough Common. We walked to Mousehill, crossed the A3 by the bridge and reached the pub.

After lunch we walked south through Milford and Witley Commons, crossed the A286 into Mare Hill and returned to the car park.

Maps: OS X 145, 133


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