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Wey circular

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Eastwater Lake

Eastwater Lake

Sixteen turned up for this morning’s six mile walk. Snow was forecast but not a flake or drop of rain fell. Some of the time we walked in sunshine. The leader chose a varied route and saved the mud for the end.

We met at the car park by Godalming Leisure Centre and walked on a footpath across the golf course to the A3100 before joining a footpath that took us over the River Wey Navigation to Tannachie. Turning right at a junction of paths we reached the old Cider House pub (now a private residence) and turned left on the bridleway that went past Catteshall Manor and Barrett’s Rough to Munstead Heath Road. Here we turned left on the road and walked along that to a footpath on the right that took us by a field with five donkeys and another one with black-faced sheep to Nursecombe Farm. We turned left and walked along the minor road to Eastwater Lake where we stopped for refreshment.

After our break we continued along the road past the entrance to Snowdenham House and took a footpath on the left with steps that went up between properties to reach a bridleway by Bramley Golf Course. Here we turned right then, in short distance, turned left on a footpath that led across the golf course to Gosden Common. At the common we turned left on a footpath that went past Thames Water Sewage Works. We turned left on the minor road, crossed a field on footpath and joined a muddy bridleway that took us back to Tannachie and Broadwater Park.

Ten stopped for refreshment in the small golf course café before heading home. We heard more stories about the problems caused by the power cut last Thursday evening.

Map: OS X 145


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A local group of the Ramblers

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