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Hascombe circular

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The leader of today’s 8½ mile walk promised us mud but it was not as bad as that we’d encountered on Sunday. Today’s variety slipped off boots rather than stuck to them. The terrain, the temperature and the recent lack of rain had left footpaths less wet than usual. We were able to avoid some muddy sections by walking on the edges.

Thirteen met at the Hydon’s Ball NT car park on Salt Lane. We set off uphill to reach the view point on the top by the concrete seat installed in memory of Octavia Hill. From here we headed to Hambledon and stopped at the church for refreshment before turning east on the Greensand Way towards Hascombe and our stop for lunch at The White Horse.

After lunch we headed east on a bridleway past Hascombe Place Farm to Creek Copse. Here we turned north to walk along the ridge of Nore Hanger and then turned west to return to Hascombe and briefly join the GSW. Crossing the B2130 we walked along Mare Lane to reach a bridleway that went past Hascombe Court, now the site of extensive excavation for a swimming pool. Reaching the A2130 again we turned left on a bridleway that took us to Juniper Valley and back to the car park.

Maps: OS 145, 134, 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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