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View from Reynards Hill

View from Reynolds Hill

We had a great walk today thanks to the weather and to the leader and her husband. The sun shone and paths were less muddy than those on Sunday. The pub where we were to stop for lunch was, the leader discovered yesterday, due to be shut today. This was not a problem, she told us at the start of the walk; her husband would arrive at a nearby car park at lunchtime with a mobile pub.

Lunch in the car park

Our stop for lunch

When we arrived in the car park we were amazed at the spread. There were fresh homemade bread rolls, a huge slab of cheese and a large selection of drinks. As well as a thermos for tea and coffee, there were other cold soft drinks, and wine and beer. A bottle of white wine was on the table. The barman produced a bottle of red from under the bonnet of his car where he’d put it to warm to an appropriate temperature. We tucked in and then tucked in again when we finished the walk because the leader invited us all back to her house for tea and cake.

Ewhurst Windmill

Ewhurst Windmill

Eleven met at the car park in Blackheath for the ten mile walk. We set off across the heath to reach Littleford Lane and then made our way on bridleways to Woodhill and Madgehole Lane. From Madgehole Lane we continued on a bridleway to reach the Greensand Way and followed this to Reynards Hill and the car park near Ewhurst Windmill, our stop for lunch.

After lunch we passed the windmill again before walking north through Winterfold Wood, then west to reach Ride Lane, along this to Farley Green and from here along a bridleway back to Blackheath.

The leader and her husband’s hospitality and her choice of route made it a memorable day.

Map: OS X 145


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