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Church of St Peter & St Paul

The church of St Peter & St Paul

Today’s walk started from Blackheath car park again. The leader, the same as on Wednesday, took us for a six mile walk through the parish of Albury. Once again she invited us back to her house for refreshment afterwards. About half the twenty-five on the walk joined her and her husband for drinks, homemade bread rolls and hummus, and chocolate cake. Calories used on the walk were more than replaced at the end.

We set off across the cricket pitch and made our way on bridleways to the eastern end of Blackheath to emerge at Broomfields. Here we crossed a field to Brook then turned left on a minor road, Brook Hill, and waited at a level crossing for a train to pass. After the crossing we turned right and took a track across Albury Heath to Park Road. We turned right on this and then took a footpath on the left that led through Albury Park to the church of St Peter & St Paul where we stopped for coffee and a look inside the church.

After our stop we walked along the drive to the church, reached the A246, continued west to Weston Yard and took a footpath by Warren Lane through Albury Warren, a wooded area. Once out of the wood we joined a bridleway that led downhill to Ford Farm. Here we turned right on a footpath to Postford Farm Cottages and branched left on another footpath that took us through Blackheath Forest and back to the car park.

A notable feature of the route was the lack of mud.

Map: OS X 145


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