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Dunsfold figure of 8

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There was a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers today. The seventeen who turned up for the walk gathered in the car park in Dunsfold in sunshine. Ten minutes before we set off the first of the heavy showers arrived. This helped those undecided about wearing waterproof trousers to come to a decision.

The morning part of the walk (six miles) went west past the pub on a bridleway down a slippery slope and over a bridge. Here we branched right on a footpath that led by a stream to the Holy Well and the church. From the church we continued on a footpath that passed the churchyard and came to a bridleway where we turned left, passed Duns Farm, and branched right on a footpath that went through Prest Wood to Vann Copse. We then walked in sunshine along a bridleway to Burgate Farm and stopped by a convenient pile of logs for our coffee break.

Just as we were about to set off again there was another heavy shower so those who’d removed their waterproofs hastily put them back on. We headed on the bridleway for Markwick Lane, crossed this and went uphill on a footpath that led east round the edge of The Raswell. Rain had ceased briefly so the view south was good. We turned right at the next junction with a footpath, headed downhill, joined Markwick Lane, turned left and took the next footpath on the right. This led across a field and came to a bridleway where we turned right and headed west towards a footpath that led by the side of a wood to Hook House Farm.

Here we were in for a surprise. Many trees had recently been felled in the wood so the area, familiar to most of us, was unrecognisable. The leader commented that it was unusual for a wood to have disappeared between the recceing of the walk and the day of the walk.

Reaching a minor road (Hookhouse Road) we turned right and then branched right at a Y fork towards the church. From here we retraced our steps to the pub, our stop for lunch.

The afternoon part of the walk was four miles. The route went via Wetwood, White Beech and Dunsfold church. There was no rain.

Maps: OS X 134, 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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