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Petworth figure of 8

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There were twenty-five on the morning’s six mile route. Another three arrived for the afternoon’s four mile route. We met at the car park in Petworth town (free on Sundays) and headed west in the morning on a footpath across a field towards Brinkshole Heath. Reaching Kingspit Lane we turned left and, at Riverhill Lane, took a bridleway through Flexham Park. At the eastern edge of the park we turned south on a footpath that skirted round Bognor Common and ended at a minor road. We continued on the road to Little Bognor and paused to admire one of the gardens.

Near the end of the hamlet we turned right (west) on a footpath that took us to the A283. Crossing this we continued towards Petworth on a narrow road, passed Hallgate Farm, turned right on another minor road, passed Barnsgate Farm and turned left on a footpath that took us back into Petworth. By this path was a pond on which a family of geese, one adult with four goslings, paddled across.

The day was overcast and though rain looked likely none fell. Woods were still carpeted with bluebells.

Maps: OS X 133, 134


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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