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Milford circular

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It was less hot today. Nineteen turned up for the 5½ mile walk which started from Squire’s Garden Centre. We headed for Milford railway station and then took the footpath that runs south alongside the railway line before it turns SW for Crossways. Here we turned left and at Enton Mill turned right to cross a field and continue to the A283. By now there was light rain. By the time we reached the Chichester Hall the rain had increased so we sheltered on the verandah for our coffee stop.

We set off again fifteen minutes later (the rain had almost stopped) and headed for Buss’s Common, crossed Hambledon Field and Water Lane and reached Great Enton where we turned right on a footpath across a field. I kept a wary eye out for horseflies. We joined Water Lane again, came to Station Lane, walked briefly through the fruit farm before emerging on to Station Lane again, continued to the station and turned right on the footpath that took us past the back of the site of Milford Hospital, now a building site. It was also a habitat for horseflies and one bit me on the back of my left elbow. At the corner of the building site we turned left on another footpath which took us under the railway line, over a mini swamp and up a slope to the A3100. We turned left here and walked back to the garden centre.

Map: OS X 145, 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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