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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Chiddingfold circular

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Much of this morning’s six mile route is unpleasantly muddy in winter. In the summer the footpaths have dried and are easy to walk on. Today there were no problems apart from tall bracken which partially obscured one path. However, the leader knew the route and pushed through it, showing the way, having told the group to keep close together. A notable feature on the walk was the sight of a red kite circling overhead as we walked across a field near Prestwick.

There were twenty-one on the walk. We started from the green at Chiddingfold, crossed the A283, walked through the churchyard, took a footpath across The Downs, turned right at a minor road, then took the next footpath on the left. This continued to Prestwick Lane by Prestwick Farm. Here we turned left and took the second footpath on the left which went SW towards Grayswood. Before reaching the outskirts of the village we stopped at the top of a small hill for drinks.

We continued downhill and, by the sewage works, turned left on a bridleway that crossed a field of oats to join a footpath by H Ram. Here we turned left and shortly after this entered the area of tall bracken. We emerged safely, crossed a footbridge and reached the new buildings of Frillinghurst Mill by Frillinghurst Farm. Here we turned right, continued on the minor road to Furzefield where we turned left up a slope on a footpath that crossed a field and joined the minor road again. We turned left and, in a short distance at the right-hand bend, took a footpath on the left. This went past Langhurst Manor and across a field to join the footpath near Langhurst Manor Farm at Pook Hill. We turned right on this one and retraced our steps back to Chiddingfold.

After the walk thirteen stopped for refreshment in the village teashop.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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