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Pulborough circular

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This was the repeat of the walk on the hottest day of the year so far, July 1. Today there was less heat and no horseflies. The only nuisance was slight drizzle after lunch. Some of the route was on the West Sussex Literary Trail.

There were twenty-one on the walk. We set off from the RSPB car park near Pulborough and headed east crossing the A283 and continuing on a footpath to Hurston Place Farm where we turned NW on a bridleway that went past West Sussex Golf Course. At the edge of the golf course we turned NE on a footpath across the golf course, came to a minor road, turned left on this and then took a footpath on the right. This crossed Nutbourne Common. We reached houses, turned right (east) and walked across fields to reach a recreation ground where we stopped for refreshment.

At the road by the recreation ground we turned left and then turned right on a driveway that went past a windmill. Shortly after this the drive ended and the footpath continued between two hedges, both of which needed trimming. We came to a T-junction, turned left and followed the footpath to reach a minor road at West Chiltington. Here we turned left, then right up another driveway. The footpath continued beyond houses. We took the next footpath on the left, crossed another golf course and reached the outskirts of Nutbourne. Just before a pond we turned left (still on the West Sussex Literary Trail) and followed this to reach Nutbourne and The Rising Sun, our stop for lunch.

After lunch we headed north on the road, took a minor fork on the right, turned left up a drive that continued as a footpath which eventually crossed fields, went through a small wood before reaching Redfold Farm. Just as we opened a gate by the farm instead of using the stile, a flock of black sheep, previously unnoticed, came running up behind us so we hastily closed the gate before they could escape.

We continued west to Nutbourne Road, crossed this and took the footpath across a ridge that led to Broomershill. Here we headed south on a bridleway and a footpath to reach the A283 by The White Horse at Marehill. We turned right (west) on the road and then took a footpath on the left that led to Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve. We stayed on the footpath and continued south past Banks Cottage and the church at Wiggonholt to reach the RSPB visitor centre in time for tea and cake.

Map: OS X 121


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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