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Peaslake circular

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As we sat at Farley Green on the green, now more brown than green, having a drink in the middle of this morning’s six mile walk, I noticed a small black spec by my right knee. I thought it was a piece of dirt at first until I discovered that it was attached to my leg. It was a tick about to have a suck. Oh, the joys of summer walks. I removed it with difficulty; it was reluctant to let go. With more difficulty I sliced it in half with my thumb nails. The red mark left on my leg is fading and, so far, hasn’t started to itch.

The route took us from the start at the car park in Peaslake (Hurtwood Control 2) on a bridleway past Peaslake House, Bentley Copse, over Hound House Road, right towards Winterfold End and Dick’s Hill. At a minor road we turned left and then right on Winterfold Lane to Farley Green, our coffee stop.

Suitably refreshed (and bitten) we retraced our steps briefly before taking a footpath on the left, walked through a caravan park and came to a byway by Dilton Farm. Here we turned left and then took the next footpath on the right which brought us out on Hound House Lane again by Cotterells Farm. We headed east on a bridleway, crossed Lawbrook Lane, reached Jesses Lane, turned right on this, then took a footpath on the left which led towards Hoe. We continued east on a minor road past Hoe Farm, turned right at the top of the hill on a narrow road which became a bridleway. After Colman’s Hill we turned right (west) on a footpath that took us back to Peaslake.

Seven of us stopped for drinks at the Hurtwood Hotel. We sat outside and watched groups of heavily laden teenagers walk past on a DoE exercise.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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