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Compton circular

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Crosses by Pilgrims Way

Crosses mark Pilgrims Way at Compton

The weather was good for our morning’s five mile walk. Twenty-two arrived at the start in the overflow car park of Watts Gallery. (We had permission to do so.) A large notice with today’s date saying the road was closed for surface treatment worried those observant enough to spot it. However, the road was still open four hours later.

We set off along the road (Down Lane), turned left on the B3000, crossed this by The Harvester, took a footpath that passed near Eastbury Park and branched left across a field to reach a junction with a bridleway. At the junction we continued on the footpath and made our way to Binscombe and the B3000 again. We crossed this and joined a footpath that led through Loseley Park to Stakescorner Road. Turning left on the road we passed Orange Court Farm and, just beyond Littleton, turned left on a footpath. This took us past Loseley Park, Polsted Manor and Coneycroft Farm before reaching Down Lane.

The route was fairly flat. However, what it lacked in ascent it made up for in stiles. Loseley House was now uncovered and looked impressive with its new roof. A combine harvester was busy in a field in the park harvesting the crop of dry peas.

Eight stopped for lunch at Watts Gallery Tea Shop. They ate outside and, in spite of attention from some wasps, had a pleasant time.

Map: OS X 145


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