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Dunsfold circular

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There were no dry dusty paths on this morning’s five mile walk. Heavy rain yesterday saw to that. We will have to get used to cold, wet and muddy conditions. There is, however, one benefit of the end of summer—the absence of horseflies.

Twenty arrived for the walk which started from the car park opposite the village hall in Dunsfold. The leader changed the route slightly to avoid a particularly muddy section by a stream near Dunsfold church.

From the car park we took a footpath that led to Hookhouse Road (Shoppe Hill). Here we turned left and then left again on a minor road that took us to the church. A footpath to the right of the church went over fields to a bridleway where we turned left and continued on it to a footpath on the right that went through Prest Wood, past Vann and reached Upper Vann Lane. Here we turned right on a bridleway that went past Burgate Farm. At a junction with a bridleway on the left was a pile of logs where we stopped for refreshment.

We resumed the walk heading north on the new bridleway which led to Markwick Lane. Crossing this we followed a footpath uphill that skirted round the southern edge of The Hurtwood, and then branched right near The Raswell to meet Markwick Lane again. We turned left and took a footpath on the right that led across a field to a bridleway. Turning right on this we came to the wood at Standages. Or rather, what’s left of the wood. Most of the trees were piles of logs by the side of the track.

We turned left and walked through the now open space to reach a minor road, Peartree Green. This joined Hookhouse Road. We tuned right and retraced our steps to the car park.

Rain looked likely all morning but none fell.

Maps: OS X 133, 134


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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