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Frensham circular

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There was squelching on the walk this morning—a sound we hadn’t heard for months. Heavy rain overnight had left paths wet and muddy. There was another downpour two hours before the start of the walk but clouds cleared and by the time people arrived there was blue sky and sunshine. Although dark clouds slowly appeared again, there was no more rain.

Nineteen met in the car park by the visitor centre at Frensham Great Pond. We headed south on the bridleway on the west side of the pond, crossed a minor road and continued on the bridleway which led past Frensham Manor. Here we joined Mill Lane, turned left on the road, and then left again on the road to Dockenfield. In a short distance we took a bridleway on the right and branched off north on a footpath. We turned right at a junction with another footpath and followed this one to Spreakley. In the distance to the north we could see Frensham Heights School, an impressive-looking building.

At Spreakley we crossed a minor road to a lane opposite and then branched left on a footpath that joined the minor road further along. We continued on this to Shortfield Common and turned right at the recreation ground on a footpath that headed SW. This led over the South Branch of the River Wey and emerged by the church at Frensham by Mill Lane. We crossed the road and continued on the footpath which took us to Frensham Common from where we headed back to the car park.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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