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Haslemere figure of eight

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Our figure of eight walk today was part of the Haslemere Walking Festival. There were 31 on the morning walk (5½ miles) and 17 on the afternoon walk (5 miles). Five new people arrived for the afternoon walk so there were 36 walkers for the event.

Fallen tree blocks path

Fallen tree blocks path

The weather was good; it was warm and sunny. Some paths were muddy but the mud could be avoided. The only tricky feature of the morning walk was a large tree in full leaf lying across one path. It wasn’t there when the leader checked the route two days previously. The tree blocked the path but broken branches and flattened leaves showed that earlier people had forced their way through. The leader followed this trail and the whole group, ready for a challenge, got through the tree without much difficulty.

Further along the route by Imbhams Farm was a large pond. Here was another point of interest. The leader remarked that she’d sometimes spotted a heron in the water. As the group rounded a corner and looked across the pond, there sitting in a tree was a heron. It soon spotted the group and flew off but then circled round and landed back in the tree on a leafless branch so we had a better view of it.

Map: OS X 133


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