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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Polesden Lacey

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Thirty-nine turned up for today’s 8½ mile walk. This concerned the leader enough (the same one who led on Sunday) to give us strict instructions before we set off. There was to be no messing about; we were to pay attention and to walk in single file on roads. If she turned round and saw we were all over the road (we often are) she would be displeased. When we set off we were to walk between two nearby trees one at a time so that she and the back and middle markers could count us easily. We managed to do that and all three counters reached the same number. The walk started and off we went in a long line through woods and across fields. Remarkably, no one got left behind and we all arrived at Polesden Lacey for lunch.

At the start of the afternoon part of the walk the leader herded us between a tree and a wall so the counting was simple. There were still thirty-nine in the group. By now the clouds had cleared so our walk back to the car park was in sunshine.

The start was at Stony Rock cp on Hogden Road near Ranmore Common Road. We headed west on a footpath, crossed a minor road, reached Critten Lane and joined a footpath that took us to Dunley Hill Farm. Here we crossed Crocknorth Road and continued ahead on a footpath that took us to Sleepwalk Lane, a byway. We turned right on this and then turned right again on a bridleway that came to Crocknorth Road. Here we turned right and tried to stay in single file as we walked along the road to the next bridleway on the left. This took us to Chippens Copse where we branched left on a footpath that went through Six Acre Copse and across Effingham Golf Course from where we could see skyscrapers in London. At a junction with another footpath we turned right, crossed Critten Lane again, walked through Stars Wood and made our way to Polesden Lacey, entering by the car park.

After lunch we headed east from Polesden Lacey and took a local path that went past Polesden Farm and Yew Tree Farm. We joined the byway, Hogden Lane, turned left and continued on that to a minor road that led to Hogden Road. Here we turned left and walked back to Stony Rock car park. By the entrance there were convenient puddles for us to wash mud off our boots.

Map: OS X 146


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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