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Polesden Lacey route 2

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There was much mud on today’s eight mile walk. We splashed and slithered through it but all remained upright.

Seventeen arrived for the start in Stonyrock car park on Hogden Road. One more joined us at lunchtime in Effingham. We stopped at Polesden Lacey for coffee but otherwise the route was different from that of last week.

We headed north on Hogden Lane, branched off to Yewtree Farm and took the bridleway to Polesden Lacey. A group of cyclists arrived shortly before us so the queue for coffee was long. Most of us gave up waiting and sat outside in the picnic area eating, or resisting, the shortbread and chocolate brownies brought along to celebrate someone’s birthday.

After this we continued north towards Effingham. We passed Goldstone Farm (inches of mud), turned left on the A246, took a minor road on the right and continued on it to a footpath that went SW to Effingham church. The leader drew our attention to one of the gravestones; it was that of Sir Barnes Wallis.

In the afternoon we took a bridleway that went SW to the A246. We turned right and in a short distance turned left on a footpath that crossed Effingham golf course. At a junction with another footpath we turned right, walked through Six Acre Copse (more mud) and Chippens Copse, and then turned left to head east on a footpath that zig-zagged to Dogkennel Green. We continued east uphill, struggled over stiles, and arrived back at the car park splattered with mud.

Map: OS 146


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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