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Brook circular

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Eighteen arrived in drizzle for today’s five mile walk which started opposite the cricket ground in Brook. The drizzle increased as we set off but, fortunately, it fizzled out in half an hour and there was no more rain for the rest of the morning. We were also lucky in that though there was mud it was relatively shallow and barely reached the lace holes of our boots.

We followed the Greensand Way to Cosford Farm then branched off left on a footpath that took us to a bridleway that skirted round Rutton Hill. At a junction with a footpath we turned right, walked past The Soaks and stopped for coffee by an isolated derelict swimming pool.

There was more road-walking in the second part of the walk but as traffic was light this was not a problem. Tarmac was preferable to slippery mud. We continued on the footpath and reached a minor road where we turned left, passed Hall’s Cottage, turned left along a track and then right on a footpath. This crossed a field, went through a small wood and brought us into the open at the top of Rutton Hill. The leader had estimated the number of stiles on the route to be four. By now we had lost count; there were at least ten.

We descended Rutton Hill, reached Emley Farm, turned right and came to Rutton Hill Road. Here we turned left. At Bowlhead Green crossroads we turned right on Beech Hill and walked downhill to pass under a bridge before branching left on a footpath. The footpath took us through Uplands Park estate to a minor road. We turned left on the road and followed it back to Brook.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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