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Frensham circular

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We paddled through mud on some sections of this morning’s 5½ mile walk. However, the worst feature of the walk was the wet wooden boardwalk at the end. It was so slippery that it was a relief to reach the final planks and step off onto damp sand.

There were fifteen on the walk. We met at the car park by Frensham Great Pond and set off south on a bridleway that took us past Frensham Manor. At Mill Lane we turned left, then left again at a T junction, and right on a bridleway towards Jeffrey’s Copse. Near here we stopped just before 11 am and remained silent for two minutes. (No one knew if their watch was accurate and no watch read the same time.)

After this we had our coffee break and resumed the walk. We passed The Bluebell pub, turned right on a footpath that led NE to Spreakley, crossed a minor road, continued on the footpath for about 200 yards and then turned left on another footpath that took us to the minor road again near Shortfield Common. We turned right and walked along the road to the next footpath on the right. At a junction with another footpath we turned right and continued to Mill Lane by the church in Frensham. We turned left then right and continued on the footpath (Lovers Lane). The footpath crossed a minor road and took us back into Frensham Common and the visitor centre.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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