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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Albury circular

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It was a cold day; the first frost of the season had arrived. We needed gloves, woolly hats and fleece jackets.  One person remarked that she’d put on her winter trousers for the first time in months and was dismayed to find that they were uncomfortably tight.

There were 26 on the six mile walk. We met at the car park at Albury Heath sports ground as did dozens more people who were participating in a running, cycling and navigating event. With precision parking we managed to create enough space for our cars.

We set off across Albury Heath, paused to look at the Montgomery Memorial, crossed New Road, went under the railway bridge to Ponds Lane, passed Ponds Farm, joined the track, continued east across a field to Drydown Farm, turned right on Hound House Lane, turned left on a bridleway by Cotterells Farm, crossed Lawbrook Lane, turned right on Jesses Lane, branched left on a footpath that headed south over a field, reached a road and continued on it to Peaslake where we stopped for refreshment. The village was already full of cyclists taking a break.

From Peaslake we headed west past Hound House and Knowle Farm, turned  right on a footpath across fields to Dilton Farm, continued west on  a footpath that passed a caravan park, reached Brook Hill, turned right uphill, crossed the railway line at a level crossing, turned right into Albury Heath to avoid the road and then emerged further up the road opposite the sports ground. There were fewer vehicles in the car park as the event had finished and the organisers were packing up.

There was little mud and great views. We all enjoyed the walk.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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