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Quiz night

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It was a good evening. The popularity of this annual event has increased so for the first time there was a waiting list for it. There were two organisers. One produced the questions; the other booked the venue at a local pub and co-ordinated the orders for the meal before the quiz.

There were six tables for six people but extras must have slipped in because most tables had seven people. We were given strict instructions not to cheat; phones were not to be used. If we conferred with each other we should write our suggestions on the scrap paper provided in order to keep our deliberations from those at other tables. Last year, apparently, some discussed the answers so loudly that the quiz master could hear all the conversations. Ramblers are not noted for quietness.

Once the questions started our post prandial somnolence wore off. What is the element after hydrogen on the Periodic Table? Some could have recited the PT years ago but not now. What does the acronym LIBOR stand for? We racked our brains. The O defeated most. What is Pitchblende a source of? What is the common name of Cheiranthus? What is the largest reptile in the UK? What film made in 1987 starred Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft and Judi Dench? What car manufacturer has the slogan ‘The Power of Dreams’? We all watch TV but few pay attention to the adverts. How many pounds in a hundredweight? I imagine the answer to this was imprinted in most of our minds.

There were 38 answers and most tables scored 30 or more. One table was declared the winner with another a close second. These teams were each presented with a box of chocolates which were soon eaten.


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