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Hindhead circular

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There was competition in the car park when we arrived for the start of this morning’s five mile walk. The overflow car park was occupied by the vehicles and crew involved with a film production, the star of which was a new custard yellow Ford Mustang. Action was to take place in the Hindhead tunnel (northbound side) currently shut, I was informed, because a lorry passing through it had shed its load. The crew and car (parked across two spaces and guarded by minders) had to wait for the road to be cleared.

Twenty-two arrived for our walk. We set off down into the Punch Bowl and headed north to join a byway that led to Little Cowdray Farm. On the byway we came across another interesting vehicle—an Ocado van. It was stopped just after a cattle grid and before a huge trench; the driver was on her phone. The byway was so furrowed that it was suitable for only 4X4s. We were surprised that the van had reached as far as it did. The driver, we presumed, had followed her satnav rather than her head. The track was too narrow for the van to turn round; the driver would have to reverse.

We carried on our way, turned left at the farm, passed Ridgeway Farm and then turned left on a bridleway that took us back to the car park.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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