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St Martha's Chapel

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There was squelching on today’s 7½ mile walk as some paths were muddy but few minded because there was constant sunshine. What a difference that made. Tomorrow, unfortunately, the weather is set to return to normal (rain).

Thirty-three gathered in the car park in Blackheath. The sunshine and the promise of festive refreshments at the end probably accounted for the high turnout. The leader explained that we would’t be stopping for lunch on the walk as originally planned (service in the pub was likely to be slow) but would finish the walk and then have the refreshments at her house. These were to be cheese and biscuits, mince pies, mulled wine, tea and coffee. No one objected to missing lunch. All preferred the leader’s offer.

We set off heading west and joined the Downs Link. At Great Tangley Manor Farm we turned right, reached the A248, turned right again, crossed the railway line, turned left on a minor road, headed north on this and continued on a footpath that took us to Halfpenny Lane. At the top of the hill we joined the North Downs Way and followed this to St Martha’s Chapel where we stopped for minor refreshments and to admire the view.

After our break we continued east, took a footpath through Colyers Hanger, crossed the A248, headed east towards Albury, turned right on Blackheath Lane and walked uphill. At the top we branched off on a footpath that led downhill, parallel to the road, to the railway line. We crossed this and continued across a field to Postford Farm Cottages where we turned left, entered Blackheath Forest and walked back to the car park.

The leader and her husband did us proud with their festive refreshments. It was a good way to end a walk.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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