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Frensham Little Pond

Coffee stop by Frensham Little Pond

We had another rain-free, fairly mud-free walk today. The pessimists found their gaiters to be unnecessary.

The walk was five miles. We met at Tilford green and were joined by people expecting a longer walk. This was confusing until it was realised that there were two walks from Tilford, ours and that of another group. After the separation of groups we were left with twenty walkers, a more manageable number. Our leader amended her list of participants.

We crossed the green and took a footpath that went alongside the River Wey (South Branch). This joined a byway and we continued to Frensham Little Pond where we stopped for coffee (an essential part of our walks).

Refreshed we retraced our steps briefly and headed north on a bridleway that went past Pierrepont Home Farm, across Tankersford Common to The Reeds Road. We crossed the road, continued on a bridleway to Tilford Road, crossed this, walked along Sheephatch Lane, crossed the River Wey (North Branch), turned right on a bridleway that joined the Greensand Way and returned on this to Tilford.

After the walk about ten people stayed for drinks and lunch in the Barley Mow. This was a good end to the morning.

Map: OS X 145


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