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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Peaslake circular

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Such was the amount of chat and the level of attention on this morning’s 6½ mile walk that when the leader stopped to buy a bag of apples from a roadside stall half the group (of 24) failed to notice and carried on without her. The rest waited dutifully. When the leader set off again (munching an apple to check that her purchase was worthwhile) she was in time to see the tail-end of the vanguard disappear round a corner beyond the point where she intended us to turn right. She shouted to them but they were too far ahead to hear. Someone set off in pursuit to summon them back and they returned looking sheepish.

We met at the car park in Peaslake which was already busy with cyclists preparing for a ride. We headed north up Lawbrook Lane, turned left (west) on a bridleway to Hound House Farm, crossed Hound House Lane and continued on a bridleway past Knowle Farm to Lockhurst Hatch Farm. Here we continued west on a lane, crossed Winterfold Lane to a footpath that took us to a byway (Ride Lane) where we turned right and headed for Farley Green.

We crossed Winterfold Lane again, walked on the footpath through the static caravan park to join the byway (Ponds Lane) near Dillon Farm, turned left on this and took the next footpath on the right. At the top of the slope, where there were good views, we stopped for coffee but soon had to move further along to the shelter of two hedges. Although it was sunny there was a cold wind.

The footpath took us to Hound House Road by Cotterells Farm. We continued east on a bridleway to Lawbrook Lane, crossed this, took the bridleway by the pond to Jesses Lane, turned right and then turned left on a footpath and walked across a muddy footpath to the road near Hoe.

We continued east uphill on a minor road past Hoe Farm, turned right at a T junction on a lane towards Colmans Hill. Shortly after this half the group carried on without the leader. Once reunited we turned right (SW) on a lane that ended at a footpath. We continued on the footpath, joined a bridleway on the edge of Riding Bottom and then turned right (west) on a footpath that took us back to Peaslake. The village was now full of cyclists having their lunch.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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