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Smither's Hanger

Heading up Smither’s Hanger near Brook

We had a good five mile walk this morning thanks to the sunshine and the leader’s choice of route. She told us the hills were all at the start. By the end of the walk some wondered what she considered a hill.

We (26) met at Brook by the village green which was almost white with frost. The temperature in the night had not fallen low enough to freeze mud. However, the mud we encountered was not that deep and the only tricky section was by a stream where there was a fallen tree. We climbed our way through.

From Brook we headed NW on a footpath across a field to Screw Corner Road, turned right on the road, joined the Greensand Way, continued west to pass Cosford Farm, branched left on a footpath towards Hole Farm, turned left on a bridleway and walked round Rutton Hill to Rutton Hill Road. Here we turned right and took a track on the left through Halnacker Copse and Beech Hanger to Beech Hill. We turned left and walked up the steep hill to a footpath on the right. At the stile here there was a great view to the south and east.

The footpath went through Uplands Park to a minor road where we turned left and headed back to Brook.

The A286 between Milford and Brook is subject to the National Speed Limit. On my drive this morning I spotted repeaters for a 50mph limit. However, there were no terminal signs to mark the start of the 50mph section; the NSL roundels on the backs of the 30 signs entering Brook and the 40 signs entering Milford remain in place (though the left-hand one leaving Milford has disappeared). Either someone has forgotten to replace them or they have yet to erect them.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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