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Chilworth circular

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The leader of this morning’s five mile walk apologised for the mud. However, compared with the walk last Thursday, there was none. The mud last week coated boots and then set on them so firmly that it was difficult to remove.

Twenty-one arrived for the start in Chilworth. We set off in bright sunshine (which lasted all day) along the A248 to the Downs Link and headed north on this to a footpath on the right. This went across a field to Postford Pond. We turned north and took a footpath through Colyers Hanger, turned left on the Pilgrims’ Way and continued on this to St Martha’s Chapel. Here we stopped for refreshment and sat in sunshine.

We resumed the walk and continued west on the North Downs Way. At Halfpenny Lane we branched SW on a footpath and walked downhill to meet a bridleway near Manor Farm. We turned east, continued east back to Halfpenny Lane, turned SE on a footpath, joined the lane again, turned left and took a track to Chilworth Manor. Two alpacas in a field stared at us as we walked past. We turned south and continued through woodland by the River Tillingbourne to reach a footpath that ended by a school next to the A248 near our meeting place.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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