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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Busbridge circular

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The route of this morning’s five mile walk took us (21) over a level crossing. This produced a good demonstration of how a group should not use a level crossing. Immediately after the crossing our route continued on a footpath on the opposite side of the road. The first to walk over the level crossing stopped on the other side to wait for a gap in traffic. In doing so they blocked the way for the rest who had to wait on the railway lines. Fortunately no train approached. The first over the crossing should have moved further along the pavement to allow the rest to clear the tracks.

We started near Ladywell Convent in Busbridge, walked along the footpath on the western side of the grounds to Tuesley Lane, turned right and took the footpath to Milford Station, crossed the road, continued to Crossways, turned left by the social club and stopped for coffee by Enton Mill. From here we continued on the rough track to a minor road, turned left, walked downhill to a bridleway on the right. At the golf course we headed up Potter’s Hill on the footpath that took us through Tuesley Farm and back to our meeting place. Rain started half an hour after the walk ended.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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