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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Fittleworth circular

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The leader had chosen the timing of her walk well. We passed hundreds of wild daffodils in flower—in woodland, by the sides of footpaths, at the edges of fields, in churchyards. Primroses were almost as common but less noticeable. In another month bluebells will be a notable feature.

There was a large turnout (47) for the nine mile walk. It was a record, I told the leader, who looked increasingly concerned at the increasing number of people. She replied that she could do without records. Fortunately, the back marker and the middle marker stayed alert so no one got left behind and there were no mishaps when we crossed two main roads, although the crossings were not entirely as the leader had intended.

It was a good day; views were superb. There was much sunshine and little mud. The only sign of the recent heavy rain (storm Katie) was the flooded fields next to the River Arun.

We started from Fittleworth, headed north on a lane at a 90° bend on the A283, turned left on a footpath that went past Fittleworth House, crossed a field to Brookdean, turned right on a footpath at Little Bognor, joined a lane, passed Amen, turned left at a T junction, walked along the road and turned right on a footpath that went to Springs Farm. We continued east, turned right on a bridleway that led to Harwoods Green, continued SW on a lane that took us to Stopham, crossed the A283, walked west on the grass verge to a lane on the left that led to Fittleworth. Here we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we headed west on the lane by the pub, passed Hesworth Grange, turned right on a footpath by Hesworth Farm, turned right on another footpath by Woodruff’s Farm, walked along a lane, crossed a minor road, reached the A283, headed west on a footpath that joined our morning path south of Brookdean. From here we retraced our steps back to the car park.

Maps: OS X 121, 134


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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