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In spite of the weather—cool and damp with the promise of heavy rain—a surprisingly large number of people, 20, turned up for today’s walk. There was heavy rain but it fell while we were in the pub having lunch. Wet, long grass was more of a problem than mud. It tested the waterproofing of our boots. Mine will take several days to dry out.

The morning 5 mile route went to Great Enton, Old Enton, Hambledon Field, Buss’s Common, across Hambledon Road to the church, along the Greensand Way, then north towards Buss’s Common and NW back to Witley.

The 4½ mile route after lunch went NW towards Mare Hill, south to Parsonage Farm, west to the A286, south to the GSW, east to Sandhills, north on a bridleway to Church Lane and along this back to the car park. There were 13 on this walk; eight left after lunch and another person joined us.

Tomorrow a coach load of us go to Highgrove for a tour of the gardens. Some will have to cope without their evening dose of The Archers.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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