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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Tilford circular

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We met for the start of our ten mile walk at the car park by the village green—as did the local junior cricket club and another group of walkers. Fortunately, there was another car park about a quarter of a mile further along the road so some of us used this.

From the car park we headed east over the bridge, walked along the pavement, turned right on Whitmead Lane, continued on a byway to Charleshill, crossed the B3001, followed a bridleway to Fulbrook Farm, Broomfields and Gatwick. At the road we turned right, branched right on a minor road, continued south on a footpath to Somerset Bridge, turned right on the road and turned right on another footpath. This took us into Elstead, our stop for lunch, past the derelict camshaft factory.

After lunch we headed west towards the church, turned right on the road past it, continued on the bridleway, turned SW towards Yagden Hill, joined the Greensand Way near Lion’s Mouth and headed NW across Hankley Common Golf Club. We left the GSW by the club house, crossed the road to Tilford, continued west on a bridleway, branched left on a byway and then turned right on a footpath that went past Meadow End Farm and ended in Tilford. By the footpath near the farm a large sow lay on her side while her piglets squashed together for a feed. In the field opposite three smaller piglets rooted about on their own.

Today’s interesting topic was blank cartridges; we spotted several cartridge cases on Hankley Common. One person in our group was surprisingly knowledgable about them. He took one home to clean and identify from the headstamp on the base.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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