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Avebury coach outing

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This was the first of our three day-trips by coach. There were two walks (11 miles and six miles) and a programme for non walkers. The coach collected the 54 participants from four pick-up points between Haslemere and Godalming, and then set off for Avebury via Marlborough. On the way we stopped at a hotel near the M3 for breakfast (ordered in advance). Food was a feature of the day (as on many of our outings).

Forty-five minutes later we were on our way again. The seven non walkers were dropped off in Marlborough; the coach then continued to Avebury. The rest disembarked here and started their walks; 19 on the long one, 28 on the short one. The coach returned to Marlborough to collect the seven there at 1.30pm and take them to Avebury. Both walks ended at Avebury. Those on the short walk returned earlier and had longer to explore the area before the departure at 5pm.

We were lucky with the weather. It was a warm, windy day with sunny periods and no rain.

Long walk
From the NT centre at Avebury we headed west on the Wessex Ridgeway, turned south to cross the A4361 and the A4 near Beckhampton. We joined a byway, headed south to Allington Down, reached the White Horse Trail, turned east, continued along the WHT back to Avebury. Near the A4 we made a detour to look at the West Kennett Long Barrow. We reached Avebury just before 4pm in time for more refreshment and a look around the area.

Short walk
The group headed east from the NT centre, turned south on a byway to join the Ridgeway and continued south. They crossed the A4 and stopped at The Sanctuary for a picnic lunch. After this they joined the White Horse Trail and headed west back to Avebury with a detour to the West Kennett Long Barrow.

Map: OS LR 173


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