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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Chawton, Selborne circular

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It was another hot, sunny day, possibly the last one for a while if not for the rest of the year. The leader promised great views and there certainly were.

Nineteen arrived for the twelve mile walk which started from Chawton (once home to Jane Austen) public car park. We headed east on a footpath to the B3006, crossed the road, continued on another footpath past Westbrook Grange, turned left, passed Kiln House and then turned right on a byway (appropriately named Water Lane—it was like a partly dried up river bed) and followed this to West Worldham.

From West Worldham we headed east past West Worldham Farm on a footpath that went across a field to a small wood. Our stop for coffee was by a tree in the field. As we neared the tree we saw that a flock of sheep had beaten us to it. They obligingly gave way to us. The shade of the tree must have been a favourite spot for them, judging by the smell. This proved too strong for half the group who moved on to stop at the edge of the field.

Shortly after we set off again one person noticed that she’d trodden in fresh, semi-liquid sheep droppings which, as she was wearing sandals and no socks, had oozed up between her toes.

We turned south, walked on the eastern edge of the wood, passed Park Hanger, turned left on a minor road, turned right at Candovers, joined the Hangers Way and continued on this to Selborne where we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we took the Zig-Zag Path, walked west across Selborne Common, continued on a footpath to Newton Valence, turned right on a minor road, turned left on a footpath by Newton Valence Place Farm and continued on to Upper Faringdon. We walked through the village to a footpath that went through Berryhill Plantation. The path went along an avenue of giant redwood trees before emerging into the open and reaching the A32. We continued north on a footpath near the road. This merged with a lane that led to Chawton.

There is a 4½ mile walk described on the Farringdon website.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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