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Haslemere figure of 8

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We were lucky today. Heavy rain forecast for the morning arrived early and was lighter than expected. By the time we gathered in the car park for the first walk, clouds had started to clear leaving blue sky. We walked in sunshine for most of the time.

There were 18 on the morning 5½ mile walk and 13 on the afternoon 5 mile walk (9 stayed from the morning, 4 new people joined them). There was little mud, no horse flies and no overgrown sections of path. A fallen tree over a boardwalk near the end of the morning walk was the only obstruction but we were able to climb through it fairly easily.

In the morning we headed east on a footpath through Swan Barn Farm, crossed Holdfast Lane, continued along a drive (footpath) towards Imbhams Farm, turned right by a pond (here we saw a heron in a tree), walked on a bridleway past Furnace Place, crossed a field on a footpath, joined a bridleway and reached the B2131 at Ansteadbrook. Here we crossed the road, continued south on a bridleway past Anstead Brook Stud, turned right on a footpath that went west by the edge of two fields (where a herd of young cows trotted over to greet us), climbed up the slope near Hearne Copse, joined the Serpent Trail and headed NW back to Haslemere.

In the afternoon we headed NW on the Greensand Way, crossed the railway line, took a footpath on the right, walked through a housing estate to a footpath at the edge of woodland, continued to Keffolds Farm, passed this on our left, walked downhill, crossed a boardwalk installed by the G & H Ramblers in June 2004, turned left to walk between two small fields, joined a bridleway and turned left. This took us uphill to another bridleway where we turned right, passed Halcyon House and Keffolds Copse, branched left up a short steep slope, turned left on a bridleway that went SW through Invall, continued south on a lane, turned left on a footpath and followed this to a bridleway that headed south over Weydown Common. This led to a lane that took us to the GSW where we turned left and followed this back to the car park.

The bridleway near Weydown Common was near the site of Wispers School, an independent boarding school for girls, which closed in 2008. It is being developed as a retirement village, Wispers Park.

Map: OS X 133


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