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Cranleigh circular

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This morning’s walk (5½ miles) started from Cranleigh. We met in Village Way public car park (free on Sundays much to the surprise of someone from Hampshire). There were 20 on the walk according to the leader with the register. The back marker counted only 19. Two immediate recounts gave the same number. The mystery was discovered at the end of the walk when the bm looked at the list of names in the red book. The leader had numbered the lines to make counting easy but no one had signed on line 18.

From the car park we headed west to join the Downs Link, turned right, crossed the B2130, turned right on a track to the B2128, turned left and then took a footpath on the right just past Ruffold Farm. We followed a series of footpaths past Cranleigh School, High Upfold Farm, nurseries and Lowerhouse Farm, reached Smithwood Common, walked round it pausing halfway for coffee (Black Down was visible in the distance) and then headed back to Cranleigh close to a road on the east side of Cranleigh School and a footpath on the eastern edge of the town.

Maps: OS X 134, 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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