Walking Matters

Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Grayshott, Ludshott Common

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The leader baked flapjack for us for this morning’s five mile walk. This, the lack of rain, the easily avoidable mud, the bursts of sunshine and the pleasant company made for an enjoyable time. There were 25 on the walk and ten stayed at the end for lunch in the Red Rose Tea Room in Grayshott.

The walk followed the route of walk 11 in Farnham Ramblers collection of 50 walks. One person almost got lost in woodland. She paused briefly for a comfort stop on a bridleway just before a T junction where the group turned left, notified the backmarker and said that she’d catch up. When she turned left there was no one in sight and, to her dismay, there was a fork in the bridleway. She took the left fork and hurried on. No figures appeared in the distance. Thinking it unlikely that the group had developed an unusual turn of speed, she decided that she’d taken the wrong path so she hastily retraced her steps, took the other fork and sped along it. To her relief she soon spotted the backmarker waiting for her. The backmarker, she discovered, hadn’t noticed the fork in the bridleway.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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