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Storm Angus left roads flooded and trees down two days ago but, fortunately, there was nothing to show for it on our 8½ mile walk today. Some paths were muddy and there was a new small stream flowing over one footpath; apart from this there was nothing unexpected. Even the gate that several had wrestled with two weeks ago was easy to open. It hadn’t been slammed shut.

Twenty-two arrived for the start of the walk from Haslemere recreation ground. There was fog here though none lower down in the town. Clouds remained all day but there was no rain and there was even a brief hint of sunshine early afternoon.

Today’s leader is often surprised how seemingly simple (to her) directions can be misinterpreted. On a winding footpath by woodland she stopped to wait till she could see the backmarker. Those behind her walked past and carried on. On seeing the backmarker the leader hurried ahead to catch up with the others. They were stopped at a Y fork waiting for instruction.

Turn right said the leader. They set off on the right-hand path and the leader waited again for sight of the backmarker. He came into view so the leader continued in pursuit of the new leaders.

The track entered the wood, went round a right-hand bend, then turned left across a footbridge over a stream and carried on left on the level towards Haslemere. Having crossed the footbridge the leader was amazed to see that at least ten of the group had veered right and were halfway up a slope. She gave a shout, they looked round and walked down to rejoin the rest. One was adamant that the leader had told them to turn right. She had but that was for the Y fork where they’d stopped a few minutes before. It was not for a non-existent footpath out of sight more than 100 yards ahead. The route they took is not marked on the Explorer map or on the leaflet produced by the visitor information centre.

Map: OS X 133


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