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Conditions today on our five mile morning walk were like those of yesterday—cold, clear and sunny; mud was frozen solid, paths were dry. Water in a horses’ trough was covered with a thick layer of ice. Two horses licked at it.

We (21) set off from the car park in Blackheath and headed east through Blackheath Forest to Broomfields, joined the Fox Way, continued to Brook, turned right just before the railway bridge on Ponds Lane, turned left on the byway, crossed the railway line, headed NW to Park Road, crossed Albury Heath and, near the sports ground, took a bridleway across Albury Warren. At Blackheath Lane we turned south on a footpath (from where there was a good view of St Martha’s Chapel), crossed the railway line again and continued on footpaths back to Blackheath Forest and the car park.

It was cold enough for me today to take a thermos flask of hot coffee (as I did yesterday). When I filled it I noticed that the outside felt hot, a bad sign I thought. Sure enough, when I came to drink it, the outside was cool as were the contents. The thermos, I discovered later on searching my records, was guaranteed for five years. I’d bought it in 2007 so it was out of guarantee. If it failed within five years of purchase, said the tiny print, it would be repaired or replaced after return to the manufacturer. The address given was in Hong Kong.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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